Shane Eagle

(HipHop Artist)
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Shane Eagle (Shane Patrick Hughes)

was born to a mixed race couple in the east of Johannesburg, 1996. He matriculated from Southdown College in 2014 and moved on to fully pursuing a career in music in 2015 – having started rapping in 2010 when he was just 14 years of age. Shane grew up moving between his mothers house which was located in Rabie Ridge (Township) and his Dads home which was situated in Kempton Park (Suburbs), this reality has given Shane a unique perspective on life as he has experienced both ends of the spectrum.

“I got the best of both worlds, and that shaped the type of person I am today” – Shane Eagle

Coming from a multicultural home – his mother being coloured and his father being is of Irish descent, he was afforded the ability to connect and identify with a variety of people in South Africa, making him a unique hybrid of culture that encompasses the ethos of the modern day South Africa.
Over the last two years of being in the the mainstream hiphop industry in South Africa, Shane has quickly made an everlasting impression across the continent with his music and his persona. Forcing many hiphop heads across Africa to re-order their “Top 5” rappers.

HipHop Career

Shane’s first taste of the spotlight came from Vuzu’s hit HipHop reality show “The Hustle Season 1” – this is the platform he used to introduce himself to South Africa. He did well in the competition, winning many fans over and making his mark in the industry. Shortly after the hype of the TV show, Shane partnered with the right people and opened up his own record label called “Eagle Entertainment”. Under his company he has released all his music (6 singles/songs &1 Album), videos (6 Music Videos) and events which have all received great responses from both fans and peers alike.
In todays “get rich fast” culture, Shane Eagle has remained steady on the road less traveled as an independent artist and has become a prominent figure in the South African HipHop scene. His incredible writing skills and delivery have pushed him right into South African HipHop’s front row with the word on the street being that “We might just have our first global HipHop superstar”.
With the release of his debut album “Yellow” (31st August 2017) Shane Eagle has positioned himself as the leader of the new school of HipHop in country with unmatched flows and hard hitting lyrics, he is definitely a force not to be taken lightly on the African continent.


The hard copies of Shane Eagle’s debut album are available exclusively through his record label Eagle Entertainment in the form of “pop up” stores and “drops” – this campaign is called #20KOutTheTrunk and has was launched on the 5th of October 2017. This will see Shane Eagle and the Eagle Ent team driving to various locations that have been advertised to personally sell the hard copy to his fans. Taking back hiphop culture to its roots and giving the people the opportunity to meet their favourite rapper and purchase his art from his hand.
The goal is to go GOLD from the back of the car and through various nontraditional avenues.

“The album is so different to what people in SA are used to, so why should I sell it like everyone else” –
Shane Eagle

Awards Won:

  • – SAMA24 Best HipHop Album 2018
  • – SAHHA Best Freshman 2017


Brand Ambassadorship:

– Liberado (Beer/Cider)

– Mobicel (Cellular Network)

– ASICS Tiger SA (Clothing Brand)

– Absolute Vodka Flava (Alcohol Brand – Spirits)

– Ellesse Heritage (Clothing Brand)

Award Nominations:

South African HipHop Awards 2017 (SAHHA):

– SAHHA Best Album 2017

– SAHHA Best Male 2017

– SAHHA Lyricist of The Year 2017

– SAHHA Best Video 2017

South African Music Awards 2018 (SAMA24):

– Best HipHop Album

– Best Music Video

– Best Newcomer

– Album Of The Year

Afrikan Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA 2018):

– Best Rap Act